What A Night.

Last night was the first of many graduation celebrations. Thank you to everyone that came out, forreal. I’m gonna miss you guys. Especially to the ones that I won’t see for the rest of the festivities. I’m sure I’ll post a heartfelt graduation post sooner or later haha. I don’t remember all of last night but I know it was some good times. Sylven got his lip stuck in a beer can, Vance Stone Cold Steve Austin’d with Jaron and Calvin (That picture is somewhere on my digital camera), I dropped my flash and part of it broke off (NOOOOO), people were being really mean to Mai, got to know a couple people a little more, me throwing up mid sentence to throw up then continue the conversation with Ish and Taba like it never happened, Sarah throwing up in front of our oven out of nowhere, and Adrian trying to be badass with his second shot of 151 with no chaser and he spits it all over his face, just to name some events. hahah