Damn yo, I can’t believe I finally graduated. It took 6 years, but fuck it! I finally did it. I thought I was going to have to still take summer school but I passed my hardest class with a D. I mean hey, it’ll do. Took 18 credits plus a baby so I’m not complaining. Thank you everyone that has helped and supported me. I appreciate you ❤ My fam from NOVA came to town which was pretty sweet. A few even stayed to celebrate!

With that said, GRADUATION SUCKED! Not really, but yes at the same time. The big commencement was lame. It was long, cramped, hot, and boring. Our keynote speaker sucked too. Some country girl form Kentucky that does some shit for Amazon. Laaaame. My major (Business) ceremony was a lot better. Too bad it was ticketed. Thank you to all that came!

To family! Thanks Sean, for the horrible picture. hahaha